• Privacy Policy


Our company and this site recognize the importance of protecting personal information. We will comply with relevant laws and related laws and regulations and will do everything possible to protect important personal information. In addition, the range of personal information to be collected shall not exceed the limit necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

  • Acquisition of information

    On this site, we obtain user's information in the following four ways.

    • Cookies

      Our website is using cookies to collect the visitor information about certain contents. Cookies are recorded in the user's device when the user visits the site. However, the recorded information does not access the confidential information, such as user name or email address.

    • Access analysis

      On this site, user information has been estabalish which acquired by access analysis. The information to be obtained from personal device enviroment information such as access source host name, monitor size, OS, browser, search keyword, etc. User confidential information such as name, address, mail address,telephone number, etc is not identify.

    • Registrations

      On this site, you may enter user name, e-mail address, etc. for certain contents. These information will be used for confirmation / inquiry of the user when using the service.

    • Email

      By sending e-mail to this site, we will save various information such as the sender's e-mail address, name, affiliated company / organization, e-mail description content, etc., We will strive to ensure appropriate safety management such as acquisition, storage, and disposal to prevent any loss and leakage of personal information.

  • Use of information

    The acquired information is used by us and our site to develop and provide more attractive and valuable services. In addition, personal information will not be disclosed to a third party without the permission of the user himself / herself. In addition, we will not disclose any personal information except in cases where we are subject to legal application or legally enforceable claims.

  • Denied of information acquisition by cookie

    On this site, we collect information by cookie in order to analyze what kind of content / content the user is interested in. If you feel resistance to collecting information using cookies, you can set refusal of accepting cookies in your browser. However, in that case, please understand beforehand that the service may not function properly depending on the content.

  • Inquiry to this site

    For inquiries about this site, please send an e-mail to the site administrator.