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Osaka Rashi Hambai provides the best solutions for our partners and puts full efforts to achieve our mission. Being your best partner and the best team, we contribute to the development of people and society.

  • 1 Best solution Provide the best solution for our partners
  • 2 Best partner Ability to meet customer requests
  • 3 Best Team Knowledgeable and experienced team

Management philosophy

Osaka Rashi Hambai aspires to be an indispensable company for our customers, makes a good business with our corporative company and gives reassurances to employees and society.

Management policy

We strive to comply with customer first principles and laws, enhance customer satisfaction, trust, and contribute to the development of society through our business.

  • [Internal Principle]

    Recognized that the company's driving force is the "people", thus we aim to create a workplace where employees can trust each other, enhance their abilities,individuality, and achieve self-fulfillment.

  • [Quality policy]

    We ensure to provide the customers with safe and realiable products by quality assurance, punctuality and prudence improvement process.

  • [Environmental policy]

    We acknowledge the importance of environmental protection and strive to comply with environmental laws and regulations to reduce the environmental impact from our business activities.

  • 1.Customer first principle

  • 2.Compliance with laws and regulations

  • 3.Community Contribution

  • 4.Behavior based on Sangen principal (three reality principal): the actual place, the actual part, and the actual situation.

Head Office

ISO-9001(2015 edition)

ISO-14001(2015 edition)


ISO-9001(2015 edition)


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