2022.05.09 new Development Products

SKD material bolt

SKD material bolt

We would like to introduce a product developed by our company which attracted a lot of attention at the exhibition.


Development history

Products such as automobiles and electronic components tend to be smaller, finer and lighter, and in order to make these products, cutting tools with smaller diameters are required.

Therefore, we believe that the bolts to fasten these cutting tools also need be「small and strong」bolts.



Material: SKD61(JIS G 4404)

Hardness: HRC45~55

Heat treatment: vacuum quenching, tempering

Size: M2~M4

Hole shape: Hexagonal, TORX® & TORX PULUS®



① Excellent abrasion resistance and heat resistance

② Excellent tensile strength and toughness at high temperature

③ Less deformation after heat treatment

④ Possible to reduce bolt size



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