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2022.05.09 new Development Products

High-strength aluminum bolts

High-strength aluminum bolts

We would like to introduce a product developed by our company which attracted a lot of attention at the exhibition.


Development history

Environmentally friendly products are being developed in various industries.

Accordingly, improving fuel efficiency by reducing product weight has become an important issue for CO2 reduction.

Therefore, we believe that 「light and strong」aluminum bolts are necessary.



Material: 7000 series aluminum

Standard: JIS B 1057 (Non-ferrous metal screw parts)

Strength classification: AL6

Heat treatment: T73 etc.

Minimum tensile load: 510Mpa



① Suitable for fastening aluminum materials → Prevention of dissimilar metal corrosion (electrical corrosion)

② As aluminum is 1/3 weight of steel, products can be made with lighter weight

③ Strength is equivalent to 5T of steel material

④ By alumite treatment, color variations are abundant




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